BLOC supports teaching in digital creativity and practice and offers training through workshops and special events.

Courses and Modules

BLOC supports teaching across the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, including undergraduate and postgraduate modules in Film, Television and Media, Digital Publishing, Drama, and Broadcast Journalism.

Workshops and Summer Schools

BLOC provides hardware and software training to staff and students across the university. Our facilities are also available to partners – including the East Anglian Film Archive, the BFI Film Academy by Creative Nation, and the BBCfor their training events.

Supporting Student Projects

If you’re a student in the faculty of the arts and humanities at UEA, BLOC can help you realise your creative vision. When not in use for teaching, our facilities and resources are available for Undergraduates and Postgraduates. If you’re planning to make a podcast, short film or magazine and think BLOC could help, why not get in touch?